Steam Inhalation Therapy Against COVID-19

Is steam inhalation therapy potent enough to stop COVID-19 pandemic? Let us see from the standpoint of one of the COVID-19 sufferers, who  testified that the virus causes irritation of the throat, causes dry cough and thereafter causing fever, as substantial full manifestation of the disease. I doubt if others would testify otherwise, or testify that the initially affected area is not in the respiratory tract.
If the dilemma materializes in the respiratory tract of a person, specifically in the throat, why focus too much on various areas or venues, where the battle against a virus can be won? Of course, it is not likely on the surfaces, paper money bills or hands, etc., where this virus comes in contact with, either accidentally or {maybe} intentionally, but on the part of the human body, where it first manifests. In short, pull the trigger when you see already the enemy and do it at the battlefield or in the part of the body that it first manifested. Otherwise, it would be v…

Principles on salary increase for PHWs

Joint Resolution no. 4 authorizes the President of the Philippines to modify the compensation and position classification system of civilian personnel and the base pay schedule of military and uniformed personnel in the government, including devolved public health workers (PHWs). The implementation of the law falls heavily on the Department of Budget and Management in close coordination with the Civil Service Commission, consistent with the executive orders to be issued by the President.
The DBM is likewise directed to prepare Consolidated Compensation and Position Classification Report and its status of implementation and periodically update the same and submit to Congress and the Commission on Audit for public disclosure, monitoring and compliance with established policies and as basis for future policy decisions. Its governing principles are as follows:

R.A 7305 not affected by other laws

What are the effects of R.A 7160 and Joint Resolution no. 4 on R.A 7305? Are the magna carta benefits under R.A 7305 modified or amended by Joint Resolution no. 4 or R.A 7160? How should the Magna Carta provisions be interpreted in case of conflict with other laws or doubt? These are some of the issues which are circulating in the local government units and local budget officers are showing their proclivity to restrain the implementation of Magna Carta benefits. 

Their views are focused on the effects of R.A 7160 otherwise known as the Local Government Code of 1991 and the salary standardization law-the Joint Resolution no. 4 passed by the Philippine Senate and the House of Representatives aside from alleged budgetary constraints.

And their views need to be revisited.